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SAP Technical Service Model

Our Remote Support delivery model for technical services is accepted and appreciated by many of our customers and We provide Onsite and Remote development services at a cost effective price. INNOVIK Team have combined experience of developing more than 1000 Objects in ABAP which includes all types of objects in WRICEF.

ABAP Services

SAP ABAP is a development platform for world #1 ERP software SAP. We have an expert and experienced team of Development consultant with well defined process for delivery excellence and within budget. We develop the object which has the high performance based on our delivery process. We have experience in developing the SAP objects for all modules of SAP.

In the SAP ABAP area, we offer, among others, the following services:

ABAP Development Can be Delivered in Following Ways

  • Offshore ABAP Development
  • Onsite ABAP Development
  • On Demand ABAP Development
  • ABAP Development Factory

ABAP Service for SAP Applications:

  • This service provides review of Client's custom programming implementation. Critical custom programs will be reviewed for efficiency, security and performance tunning. Problems with interface architecture and batch programs are analyzed.
  • Custom Program development based on customers requirement.
  • Enhancement in SAP standard objects using System enhancement options Provided by SAP.
  • ABAP on HANA Services:

  • This service provides services on advanced ABAP on HANA platforms.
  • ABAP upgrade services:

  • After System upgrade or conversion, we provide expertise service in order to perform necessary fixes to clients custom programs using Retrofitting and also performing SPAU< SPDD activities
  • Remote ABAP Development services:

  • These services provide ongoing ABAP development and other SAP programming services on an ad hoc, on-demand BASIS.
  • Custom Layout Design:

  • Newer versions of SAP offer much more robust tools for creating and managing output. This service inventories currently implemented output forms migrates the forms to the latest SAP tools, resulting in more efficient and easier to maintain forms processing.
  • Workflow Services

    In the SAP Business Workflow area, we offer, among others, the following services:

    SAP Workflow Enhancement:

  • We offer enhancement options in SAP delivered workflows to match with customer's business scenarios
  • Custom Workflow Development and modification:

  • We have an expertise team of workflow developers, who understand different business processes and map them into custom workflows in order to automate the business process
  • End to end business process automation using SAP business workflow system:

  • we provide end to end business process automation through the workflows

    ABAP on HANA

    ABAP lays the foundation for countless SAP applications, with a broad range of features and functionality for creating powerful business solutions. SAP HANA provides the opportunity to innovate with new and sophisticated technologies. SAP has brought ABAP and SAP HANA together with features that enable developers to leverage the best of both worlds, not only in new custom development projects, but also in their existing applications. New features in the ABAP programming language to optimize existing ABAP code and to develop innovative ABAP applications to enhance your business.

    Features of Eclipse based ABAP development tools for SAP NetWeaver (known as ABAP in Eclipse):

  • Database Independent Programming with Open SQL
  • The Influence of SAP HANA
  • Unified Data Modelling and Definition with Core Data Services
  • Database Independent Code-to-Data
  • SAP HANA specific Code-to-Data
  • Consuming SAP HANA Objects in ABAP
  • SAP HANA Proxy Objects
  • AMDP (ABAP Managed database Procedure)
  • Using SAP HANA Full Text Search in ABAP