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  • Our consultants are industry-leading experts on the complexities of the SAP software landscape including but not limited to, audit and licensing management. We offer independent advice to companies of all sizes, helping them to understand their SAP environments, manage SAP costs, analyze and pinpoint areas of optimization, and greatly reduce risk.

Our audit services include:

  • 1. SAP License Audits
  • Help to understand the annual SAP Standard Audit submission needs, including user creation and classifications, licensing metrics and disclosure strategy.
  • Conduct a thorough analysis and evaluation of all SAP products that are not measured via USMM, with the option of investigating non-SAP and custom developed interfaces. The result is a holistic environment overview with the licensing risks and opportunities, with a special emphasis on the various licensing options related to Indirect Access.
  • Advise the best licensing scenarios and customized contract design solution for your company.
  • Design, build, and implement proactive end-to-end processes to manage procurement, usage, measurement, and optimization of entire SAP landscape, ultimately resulting in great cost savings!

2. SAP Functional Audits

  • 3. SAP Pre and Post Implementation Audits from business process and controls perspective.
  • 4. SAP Effectiveness Audits to assess whether ERP is being optimally utilized.
  • 5. Segregation of Duties (SoD) Audits to determine conflicting and sensitive access.
  • 6. Data Migration Audits.