Consumer Products

SAP solutions enable consumer products companies to be responsive and provide personal, secure, and simple shopping experiences.


  • Portfolio and Project Management
    Developing new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions
  • Product Compliance
    Manage global product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle
  • Product Development and Configuration for Discrete Industries
    Collaborate across silos and integrate product development to get to market first with innovative, compliant products.
  • Product Formulation and Recipe Development for Process Industries
    Accelerate time to market and reduce development cost through integrated and collaborative development of innovative and compliant products.
  • Design and Project Network
    Connect and collaborate with stakeholders to accelerate product and project delivery.


  • Efficient Dairy Management
    Holistic coverage of the milk production processes based on SAP ERP.
  • Efficient Protein Management
    Holistic Coverage of the protein management and production processes based on SAP ERP.
  • Manufacturing Execution (Industry 4.0)
    Connect, monitor, and tightly control manufacturing processes and operations by integrating with business and manufacturing systems to enable efficient, high quality production on the shop floor.
  • Manufacturing Operations
    Identify and prioritize critical material issues and maximise enterprise-wide visibility across supply, production, inventory, and demand.


Demand Management and Insights
Create accurate demand plans by gaining insights to achieve productivity and customer satisfaction
Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning
Plan the supply chain to anticipate and manage demand, inventory, and operational risk and opportunity.
Response and Supply Planning
Create and maintain supply plans aligned with business goals as demand and supply change
Warehouse Management
Improve warehouse management with optimised planning and automated processes.
Transportation Management
Reduce costs and improve service with streamlined transportation management processes.
Track and Trace and Logistics Networks
Maximise supply chain logistics strategy and comply with regulations with a digital operations network.
Order Promising
Commit orders in real time meeting business rules and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Single Customer View
Gain insight from a single view of your customers and deliver personalised experiences across the entire customer journey.
Sales Force Automation
Enable your sales teams to act faster and sell more effectively with sales force automation.
Trade Promotion Management
Gaining profitable insight on each dollar spent.
Subscription Management
Meet the needs of the outcome focused consumer with an agile billing solution designed to monetize any consumption model.
Omnichannel Commerce Management
Drive your business and win with an industry-leading omnichannel commerce platform.
Omnichannel Customer Service
Deliver an omnichannel customer service experience to exceed customers’ expectations.