Industrial Machinery and Components

Industrial Machinery & Products

SAP software can help you become a market leader by providing customised, smart products and solutions; memorable customer experiences; and aftermarket and outcome-based services.


Collaborative Product and Configuration Design
Collaborate across silos and integrate product development to get to market first with innovative, compliant products.
Portfolio and Project Management
Developing new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions.
Product Compliance
Manage global product safety and compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

Industry innovation solutions tailored to your needs

Drive profitability with industry cloud solutions from SAP that can help you innovate new business models and automate your business to become more intelligent and resilient.

Enable complex solution sales comprising physical products, services and subscriptions. Focusing on delivering business outcomes and individual customer requirements.


Provide a richer customer experience by making it easy to offer complex product configurations, personalised pricing and great looking proposals..



Deliver better customer experiences with intelligent sales, with one system for all order management, and customer interactions. Supporting end-to-end process for selling solution packages offered in a single quote and invoice.

SAP Commerce Cloud

Support a seamless digital experience– simplifying complex commerce processes with core digital commerce capabilities across all channels.

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management

Monetize subscription and usage-based business models with scalable, flexible and automated processes.

SAP Entitlement Management

Manage usage rights, authorisations, privileges, access, and permissions given to a customer for software, services, or products with the SAP Entitlement Management solution.

Provide a quick and flexible response to changing demand, with an automated, connected, intelligent supply chain and modular, flexible manufacturing.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

  • Execute manufacturing processes, analyse manufacturing and business data, and integrate systems with a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient method based on Industry 4.0.

  • SAP S/4 HANA
    Enable intelligent manufacturing and production processes from design to operation, with detailed production planning and a streamlined handover from engineering to manufacturing.
  • SAP Manufacturing Execution
    Digitally control, monitor, and automate your manufacturing operations to enable a production lot size of one with centralised operations for managing manufacturing and the shop floor, automated machine-data collection.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
    Comprehensive warehouse management solution to keep up with changing demand, with fully integrated quality, production and track and trace processes.
Provide a quick and flexible response to changing demand, with an automated, connected, intelligent supply chain and modular, flexible manufacturing.

SAP Intelligent Asset Management

Accelerate product development, speed time to value, and reduce costs with the SAP Enterprise Product Development solution, which includes cloud services for collaboration, connected products, engineering, formulation, and visualisation.