The utilities industry is in the centre of a massive global shift toward sustainability and renewable energy sources. By 2025, we expect that a large number of industry players will derive revenue from services and energy data.

Enterprise Asset Management

Portfolio and Project Management
Develop new products and services based on value-driven investment decisions.
Asset Operations and Maintenance
Streamline asset retention and restoration maintenance for optimal performance of required functions.
Asset Performance Management
Connect digitally with a central data foundation across all assets to perfect reality from design to operation.
Asset Collaboration
Institute collaborative network services among business partners for managing equipment, sharing asset information, and optimising asset performance.
Environment, Health, and Safety
Reduce environment, health, and safety risks to help ensure safety and business continuity.

Meter, Energy and Water Data Management

  • Device Operations and Maintenance
    Optimise warehouse and workforce processes to support mass installation and maintenance of meters.
  • Meter Reading and Energy Data Management
    Ensure efficient, reliable, and scalable processing of metering and profile data for accurate results.
  • Utilities Planning and Analytics
    Streamline planning, execution, and monitoring of metering-related processes with flexible analytics.

Customer Experience and Service Excellence

Marketing as a Growth Driver
Understand the true intent of the customer and deliver contextually relevant experiences across marketing channels.
Empowering Sales to Sell More
Enable your sales force to deliver exceptional customer experiences and sell energy, water, service, and products anywhere through any channel.
Customer Service Excellence
Achieve customer service excellence with every service interaction across every channel.
Omnichannel Commerce
Meet customer needs by optimising the digital commerce experience across channels and devices.


Billing of Energy, Water, and Services
Support all activities related to billing and revenue management for energy, water, and services.
Revenue Management for Energy, Water, and Services
Support all activities related to revenue management of energy, water, and services.
Subscription Management
Monetize high-volume subscription and usage-based services in real time and share revenue with partners.